Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year Blog


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays, and is pumped for 2011.

People always ask me why I don't drink, and I often always get this question when holiday events or the birthday comes around. It's not like I never tried it before, but at the end of the day, it's not really my cup of tea. I grew up with a semi alcoholic Dad so that turned me off big time. Also growing up playing competitive sports I stayed away from substance, drugs and alcohol. Now more importantly I don't because of health. I'm a loosely health conscious type of guy, so being in this industry I understand it can get nasty. Im offered too many free comped bottles & drinks from club owners, promoters, club gowers and friends, and being in the clubs 4 times a week that can lead to so many issues later on in my life not including the stupid decisions I would be making as a drunk. But then again I'm not self righteous about this at all, it's just ME.

So this one time, nye 1999, I had 3 shots and 3 glasses of champagne. I was gonzo. Trying to DJ at this state was another issue. I went on and blacked out for like 4 and half minutes until the song was fading out. LOL. As I was quickly putting on another record, I said to myself NEVER AGAIN! It was quite amusing. Til this day friends will pay a million dollars to see me SMASHED. Who knows, maybe one day someone will get lucky and see me crunk til I can't walk ;).

My friend messaged me today saying, "Remember my dog that I loved so much?, well she got run over by a car over the holidays and passed so I really hate the start of 2011 right now!" This reminded me once again to never take things, people or animals for granted. I spent time with the people I love over the holidays in Toronto, Canada. It was refreshing and comforting. Now that it's 2011, I know that my parents arnt getting any younger, so I try and cherish all moments with them. My parents can get annoying at times, like most parents do, but I open my mind wide enough to let anything go, because theres no room for bitterness or hate in life. When someone leaves our world, they are gone, and the only thing that keeps them alive within us is the memories you've created with them. So think about that the next time you see someone you care for, it will also enlighten the way you are as a person too.

2011, I'm gonna try and make things bigger and improve on myself as a whole.. Build good relationships with new people. Keep in touch with good relationships I already have. Open my mind even more. Excel on my career by, brush up on music theory, music production, syndicated radio, and DJing. Never give up on anything including my new project. And lastly make sure I'm enjoying life while trying to accomplish these goals. So how about you? any new year resolutions?

:D Yu

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Cracker jAck said...

Waddup Yu?? This may be the first time I've ever visited your blog, but I'll be paying attention to it moving forward. I have a similar dynamic with my parents, but I wouldn't be set to accomplish such lofty goals without them. At 24, I just recently discovered my passion and interest in DJing. I moved down to Miami from Atl a little over a year ago. About 8 months back I found the Scratch Academy, probably the most prominent DJ school on the planet, and since my enrollment I have steadily been learning everyday. And I'm still at the tip of the iceberg. My system setup is as follows:

- 2 technic 1200s
- 1 rane 57 mixer
- 1 macbook pro for serato hookup

I also am jumping into real estate, and I'm on the side working with a couple guys to develop an entertainment website. I want to do it all, and I believe it is attainable, but sometimes I get easily overwhelmed. I share this with you because you finished your entry with an ambition and mindset that I have also adopted. To finish everything I've started. I've had small accomplishments in the past, but nothing really that surmounts to what I'm going after now. I feel this gripping void in my life because I haven't fulfilled enough. So I created my 2011 DJ resolutions based on the steps I need to take to get closer to my objectives:

- To develop a system for organizing that can adapt to my ever expanding music library (any suggestions??).
- I have a folder bookmarked with at least 30 pages for browsing music. Narrow down my list to 7-8 pages of the best sources for discovering what's good.
- Not to expand rapidly, just so that I can say I have that song, but to expand methodically. Listening to every track, collecting only music that I would take pride in playing.
- Learn a mixing trick every week.
- Learn how to use the effects on my rane 57.
- Either complete or come close to completing all courses at the Academy.

I hope that as I follow your blog we can find ways to mutually help each other out, and please hit me up if I can be of assistance. One love!